Autism Awareness

Angela is passionate about spreading autism awareness and sharing her brother’s story. Her brother Polyvios is an accomplished artist who is on the higher functioning side of the autism spectrum. Becoming a published author is his latest accomplishment! He wrote and illustrated his children’s book ‘Sammy Smart Guy.’

 The story is about how a young boy with autism became a successful artist despite struggling with behavioral issues. Even though the character in the book is fictional, it’s based on Polyvios’s real life experiences. He was featured on the cover of the Salem News. You can order his book here!


In 2014 Angela created a 5-part Autism Awareness series at WAGM-TV in Presque Isle, Maine. She started the series by sharing her personal family connection to autism, and then shared the stories of other families in the community. She documented autistic individuals spanning in age range from 5 to 23 and a woman in her 50’s. She also outlined resources available to families in Northern Maine.

A Series on Autism Awareness: Part 1 (on WAGM-TV)

Urban Update (on WHDH-TV, 7 News Boston)

On Mother’s day in 2012, Angela’s Urban Update Show ‘An Artist with Autism’ aired on WHDH-TV in Boston. The talk-show style segment featured Angela’s mother Georgia Christoforos, a member from the National Autism Association, and her autistic brother Polyvios.

Polyvios is a talented artist with autism. He can draw, paint, and animate cartoons. The ‘Artist with Autism’ segment demonstrates his artistic abilities, as well as his charismatic personality. But because Polyvios has such a high IQ, he does not qualify for essential services. The show addresses those similar to Polyvios that fall in the gray area.

In 2009 Polyvios won first place in the New England Congressional Art Competition; earning his painting of Greece titled ‘Dusk at the Acropolis’ a spot in the House of Congress in Washington DC for a whole year.

Angela is involved with Autism organizations, walks, fundraisers, and charities like Autism Speaks.

Angela’s brother Polyvios has his artwork displayed in art exhibits and he has sold his artwork to raise money for autism charities. You can check out his work at the following links:


WIVB-TV stories, raising awareness for the developmentally disabled community:



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